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2007 ICC Kids Program 2007 "Exhibition: Sight & Sound, Watch the sound and Listen to the images" (Featured exhibition) InterCommunication Center (Shinjuku-Ward, Tokyo)
2004 bit touch dot (Featured exhibition, Workshop) Art Garden Kawasaki (Kawasaki City, Japan)
2004 Wonder Museum Permanent exhibition Okinawa Zoo & Museum (Okinawa City)
2003 C3AURA (Invitational exhibit)

Center for Culture & Communication Foundation, (Budapest City)

2003 Visual Experience Museum (Featured exhibition) TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI (Tsukuba City, Japan)
2003 Media Art for Children (Featured exhibition) SKIPCITY (Kawaguchi City, Japan)
2002 ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 Sig-Kids (Submitted work), San Antonio Children's Museum (San Antonio, USA)
2002 LavalVirtual 2002 (Invitational exhibit), Place de Herce (Laval, France)
2001 ACM SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery N-space (Submitted work)

Los Angeles Convention Center (Los Angeles, USA)

2000 Daejeon Media Art 2000 (Invitational exhibit, video exhibit)

Daejeon Museum of Art (Daejeon City, Korea)

Floating Words