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Hello, everyone, I welcome you to my new website.


Since 2000, I have been considering through the creation of my media artworks what kinds of new and intriguing developments are happening at the boundary between the plastic arts and new technology. This is a milestone year for me because it is the tenth year since the showing of my first interactive artwork project, Floating Words.


I am very grateful to all of you who have given me the opportunities to display my works in many exhibitions. At these exhibitions I was always delighted to see viewers looking at my works, glancing at each other with surprise, and then suddenly smiling. And what I have always felt is that delightful surprises and beautiful environments have the power to open people's hearts.


I believe that these "devices" creating new environments can even make not only the viewer but also those who happen to be around her sharing the experience feel happier and warmer.


From now, I would like to keep you posted on exciting and interesting information that I can share with you.


I thank you for your interest and support.


December 2010

Satoko Moroi